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The scent of change is in the air!

Draklarr, Jun 17, 11 10:30 AM.
 -The scent of change is in the air and oh how it smells sweet-

   There have been many changes in the alliance over the past few weeks. Some souls have come, Some have gone, some fell victim to the casualties of war, and some will be sorely missed. Over the course of the next few weeks however, there will be many new and brighter things to come.

   UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! Calm down, Calm down Val is still the big dog! However we will be making some Captain promotions and will be on the lookout for some potential Council member(s).

   *Salute to the new Warlord* Congratulations ChrleSheen on Warlord! Now stop standing around looking lost and get to skull cracking!

   CONGRATULATIONS lovelypixy , our newest Captain! 

   Omega will be recruiting new members and clans; Levels 75+  w/ T3 completed (105+ preferred/any lvl Asc)

We will be planning some events for the alliance to participate in for the near future, so check back frequently because you won't wanna miss out!

 Further updates will be posted in the near future, so check back daily!

Renoun: A Complete Explanation

Shanefpt, May 11, 11 3:01 AM.

SKYPE as a necessity

Shanefpt, May 8, 11 1:07 AM.

Hello fellow Omega members!

I just wanted to make a brief announcement to all members of Omega alliance regarding a vote passed by our Alliance Council:

The Council is currently; Drak, ChrleSheen, ImVicious, Vashaan, JLunarJJJJ, lovelypixy, and myself.

The topic was, should we incorporate SKYPE as a part of our Jade Dynasty experience?

The result: 8 Yes votes, 0 No votes, 2 Undecided/Unresponsive

Therefore: from today forward, I would suggest that everyone get theirselves a free version of SKYPE!

Available here:


Though we do not REQUIRE you run and buy the headset/mic-speaker (or headphone) combo needed to use this, we think it would be benefiscial for everyone to have this. Here is why:

1. It is a small lite program that doesn't use much processor power at all!

2 It is free and you will be able to listen in on your Marshal/Chiefs conversations regularly.

3. If you have a question we will be able to describe the situation without having to type books worth of information.

4. We won't have to retype it when someone else asks the same question 40 minutes later. (LOL)

5. During wars, bgs, and other events, tactical strategy will be able to be communicated more quickly for greater efficiency.

6. Any info needed regarding time sensitive scenarios can be communicated very quickly also.

7. The program can be run in the background without disrupting your gameplay.

8. If you truly prefer to hear the game's sound effects and music, just mute Skype when not needed.

9. Even if you don't have a mic, you can type in alli chat and listen to verbal responses.

10. --- AND much much more!

So what're you waiting for?

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Omega Alliance is currently recruiting active players level 75+ of all factions on "The Billows" server. Please PM an active Omega Alliance member in game to recieve an invite.
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